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Certified Bots

Top Voted Bots this Month

These are the top voted bots this month!

  • Mudae
    ONLINE 604,724 Servers
    Mudae Non-partnered Bot

    46,000 anime/game characters to claim, customize and fight (waifu gacha), catch pokémon, play original multiplayer games and much more!

    Game Anime
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  • ZeroTwo
    ONLINE 393,341 Servers
    ZeroTwo Non-partnered Bot

    Personalize your Discord with Zero Two (002). Customize Profiles | Music | Economy | Unique Cardgame | Auto Role | Web Dashboard

    Anime Economy
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  • Dank Memer
    ONLINE 2,767,738 Servers
    Dank Memer Non-partnered Bot

    Memes, image manipulation, memey gambling, stealing, and stupidity. Our currency is in depth, our animals are cute, and our bot is the best

    Meme Fun
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  • ProBot ✨
    ONLINE 485,749 Servers
    ProBot ✨ Non-partnered Bot

    Welcome images, voice/text levels per guild, global levels, logs, high quality music, moderation and many many more!

    Moderation Leveling
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  • PokéMeow
    ONLINE 51,181 Servers
    PokéMeow Non-partnered Bot

    [MARKET RELEASED] Catch SHINY & LEGENDARY Pokémon, Trade with friends, Evolve Pokemon, complete Quests, hatch Eggs & more in PokeMeow!

    Pokemon Anime
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  • OwO
    ONLINE 568,952 Servers
    OwO Non-partnered Bot

    Keep track of your OwOs and compete globally! Hunt for animals and fight other users!

    Meme Economy
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Certified Bots

Trending New Bots

New bots that are gaining votes quickly

  • Flash
    Flash Non-partnered Bot

    Simple Fun command bot. From 8ball and random memes to creating a Poll, Flash has many commands you can have fun with!

    Fun Meme
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  • PingPong
    PingPong Non-partnered Bot

    This bot can manage moderation and can create amazing ticket system in your server

    Economy Moderation
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  • Vispo Guard
    Vispo Guard Non-partnered Bot

    Vispo Guard I Sunucunuz için 7/24 Koruma saglar. Gelişmiş Bot Koruma & Kanal, Rol Koruma & Küfür, Reklam, Caps Engelleme & Ban, Kick Koruma

    Moderation Turkish
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  • Chill
    ONLINE 303 Servers
    Chill Non-partnered Bot

    Chill bot is trying to become an advanced artificial intelligence bot, also with lots of fun commands and games!

    Fun Meme
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  • Boo 🔥
    Boo 🔥 Non-partnered Bot

    Broadcast bot , An easy bot to make advertising & keep your server safe (Also Moderating , Music )

    Moderation Music
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  • Uranium
    ONLINE 592 Servers
    Uranium Non-partnered Bot

    Un bot de música, diversión, utilidad y más ^^

    Music Fun
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Certified Bots

Certified Featured Bots

Bots that are a part of our Certification Program. Quality Bots that are assured to function 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week.

  • blargbot
    ONLINE 21,944 Servers
    blargbot Non-partnered Bot

    A multipurpose discord bot - Moderation and Fun!

    Moderation Logging
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  • Ayana
    ONLINE 782,792 Servers
    Ayana Non-partnered Bot

    Powerful Multipurpose Music Bot for Discord. High Quality Music, Moderation, and Utilities

    Music Moderation
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  • Octave
    ONLINE 636,354 Servers
    Octave Non-partnered Bot

    Never miss a beat with Octave, a simple and easy to use Discord music bot delivering high quality audio to hundreds of thousands of servers.

    Music Fun
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  • AvaIre
    ONLINE 47,804 Servers
    AvaIre Non-partnered Bot

    A high quality Music bot, with moderation, interaction, search, administration commands, highly customizable and much more!

    Leveling Role Management
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  • Yui
    ONLINE 14,592 Servers
    Yui Non-partnered Bot

    Fun, Currency, Profiles, Autorole, Reaction roles, Music, Logging, Starboard, Purge, Self roles +Mod tools

    Music Moderation
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  • RPGBot
    ONLINE 14,847 Servers
    RPGBot Non-partnered Bot

    A RP bot, with a working inventory, market and economy, team setups and characters aswell

    Economy Roleplay
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  • Wolfia
    ONLINE 18,572 Servers
    Wolfia Non-partnered Bot

    A Discord bot for Mafia / Werewolf and similar games

    Fun Game
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  • Icarus
    ONLINE 6,186 Servers
    Icarus Non-partnered Bot

    Flawless Fortnite VERIFICATION, Fortnite Stats, Image Generation, HD Music, Playlists, Advanced Settings, Currency, Games & More!

    Music Fortnite
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Certified Bots


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