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Multi-purpose bot for an rpg-game, image/text commands, data lookup and minesweeper/hangman

Discord Python Bot "Biribiri"


The default prefix for Biribiri is the character >, this can be changed with the prefix command.
If you forgot the prefix you set, you can mention Biribiri with the word prefix.

words: literally the word(s) in the brackets (choices separated by a ,)
{words}: variable string, describing any word(s) you need
{user}: Mentioning the user, or giving a name in text (using only characters in a-z, A-Z or 0-9) this second will prompt you to choose an option if multiple are found.

The response message Hahaha, no. indicates that you lack the permissions to use the command.

Biribiri is still in development, comments and improvements are welcome ({prefix}helpserver or message Nya#2698 to contact me)

The commands marked with the |WIP| tag have not been added to the rewritten version yet

Reactions to messages

Message Reaction Reaction disable command
\o/ Praise the sun! togglecommand server \\o/ or togglecommand channel \\o/
ded (After a period of no messages) Cry about a ded chat togglecommand server response_ded or togglecommand channel response_ded
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) togglecommand server tableflip or togglecommand channel tableflip
ayy lmao togglecommand server ayy or togglecommand channel ayy
lenny ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) togglecommand server response_lenny or togglecommand channel response_lenny
Mentions, biri or biribiri I will talk to your lonely self togglecommand server talk or togglecommand channel talk

Basic commands

Name Command, aliases and usage Description
botstats botstats,botinfo Show stats of the bot in an embed
cast cast {user} Cast a spell targeted at {user}
compliment compliment {user} Give {user} a compliment
cookie cookie Click the cookie, let's see how far we come. For teh greater good!
countdown countdown {seconds} Ping on times until the seconds run out (dms only for spam reasons)
delete del,delete,d {seconds} {normal message} Make biri delete your message after {seconds} seconds
dice dice,roll {number}d{number}k{number} Roll some dice. State the amount of dice (optional), the type of dice, and how many you keep (optional, for example 4d6k3 means roll 4 d6 and keep the highest 3) Examples: d6, 2d4, 4d6k3, 1d4+2d6.
dice,roll stats Rolls 4d6k3 6 times, the default rolling for stats in Dnd 5E.
echo echo {text} Biri repeats {text} (Images can only be echoed if toggledeletecommands is set to false)
embed embed {text or single attachment} Send an embed of {text} or an {attachment}
emoji emoji {emoji} Send a big version of {emoji}
emojify emojify {text} Transform {text} to regional indicators
face face Send a random ascii face
hug hug {user} Give {user} a hug
hype hype Make hype by sending 10 random emoji from the current server
kick kick {user} Fake kick someone
kill kill {user} Wish someone a happy death (is a bit explicit)
lenny lenny {message} Send {message} ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
lottery WIP
pat pat {user} Pat a user, keeps track of pats
quote quote Fetch a random quote from the internet
role role {rolename} Add or remove the role {rolename} from yourself, if it is in the self-assignable roles list. Give to rolename argument to see a list of roles
serverinfo serverinfo,serverstats Get the server's information
urban urban,us,urbandictionary {query} Search urbandictionary for {query}
userinfo userinfo,user,info {user} Get {user}'s information
wikipedia wikipedia,wiki {query} Search wikipedia for {query}

Image commands

Name Command, aliases and usage Description
fps WIP
biribiri WIP
cat cat Pictures of my cats
cuddle cuddle Send a cuddly gif
cute cute For when you need a cute anime girl gif
ded WIP
heresy heresy Send images worthy of the emperor (warhammer 40k)
happy happy Send a happy gif
lewd lewd Send anti-lewd gif
love love Send a confession of love through a gif
nonazi WIP
nyan nyan Send an anime happy catgirl gif
otter otter Send a cute otter picture
plsno plsno Send a gif that expresses 'pls no'
pp pp,avatar,picture {user} Show {user}'s profile pic, a bit larger
sadness sadness Send a sad gif

Lookup commands

Name Command, aliases and usage Description
anime anime,mal,myanimelist title Search for the MAL entry of the anime title
manga manga title Search for the MAL entry of manga title
movie movie,imdb title Search for the IMDb entry of movie title
osu osu playername Search profile data for a popular rhythm game


Name Command, aliases and usage Description
hangman hm, hangman create,new {custom,c,random,r} {sentence} Create a new hangman game
hm, hangman {guess} Guess a letter/sentence in the current hangman game


Name Command, aliases and usage Description
minesweeper minesweeper,ms Minesweeper game
minesweeper,ms create,new {height} {width} {mines} Create a new minesweeper board
minesweeper,ms {x} {y} Guess a non-mine at coordinates (x,y)
minesweeper,ms quit Forfeit the current game


Name Command, aliases and usage Description
trivia trivia,tr new Create a new trivia game
trivia, tr categories, cat Display question categories for Trivia
trivia, tr join Join an upcoming turn by turn Trivia game on the channel
trivia, tr quit Quit the game you're currently playing


Name Command, aliases and usage Description
inviteme inviteme Invite me to your own server
helpserver helpserver Join my masters discord server if questions need answering
vote vote Vote for me! This makes me more popular, which results in more attention from my master...


Name Command, aliases and usage Description Permissions needed
autovc autovc channel name Create a voicechannel that multiplies when users join. These extra voice channels will be removed when there is nobody in them. manage_channels
banish banish {user} Ban {user} kick_members
invite WIP invite {max members}
membercount membercount,membercounter Create a locked channel in the channel list, which will be updated with the amount of members currently in the server manage_channels
nickname WIP nickname,nn {user} {new_name}
purge purge {amount} {user} Remove {user}'s messages (all if user is not given) from the past {amount} messages manage_messages
setwelcome setwelome {message} Sets a welcome message manage_server
setgoodbye setgoodbye {message} Sets a goodbye message manage_server
togglerole togglerole,sarole,toggleassignable {rolename} Add or remove a role to the list of self-assignable roles manage_roles


Name Command, aliases and usage Permissions needed
toggledeletecommands toggledeletecommands,tdc Toggles whether commands will be deleted. Commands are deleted by default manage_channels, manage_messages
togglecommand togglecommand,tc server,channel {command name} Toggles whether the command {command name} can be used in the current server,channel. Use command name all to disable all commands. All commands are enabled by default manage_channels, manage_messages
prefix prefix {prefix text} Changes the prefix to {prefix text}, ignoring trailing spaces


Name Command, aliases and usage Description
music music,m All music commands start with {prefix}`music` or {prefix}m
reset music,m reset Reset the player for this server
leave music,m leave,l Let Biri leave voice chat
skip music,m skip,s {number} Vote to skip a song, or just skip it if you are the requester
No number given means voting to skip the current song
queue music,m queue,q Show the queue
music,m queue,q {songname,url} Add a song to the queue
repeat music,m repeat,r Repeat the current song
volume music,m volume,v Change the volume of the songs
current music,m current,c Show information about the song currently playing
stop music,m stop Empty the queue and skip the current song, then leave the voice channel
play music,m play,p Pause or resume singing
music,m play,p {songname,url} Add a song to the queue
join music,m join,j Let Biri join a voice channel


Name Command, aliases and usage Description
rpg rpg,b&d,bnd help Show the info for the RPG game
role rpg,b&d,bnd r,role rolename Assign yourself a role (required to start the game)
setchannel rpg,b&d,bnd setchannel The current channel will be where biri sends bossbattle results
adventure rpg,b&d,bnd a,adventure {time} Go on an adventure to slay monsters
wander rpg,b&d,bnd w,wander {time} Go wandering, its a less costly adventuring
battle rpg,b&d,bnd b,battle {user} Battle another player of the game
info rpg,b&d,bnd i,info {user} View a user's battlestats
rpg,b&d,bnd i,info weapon,w,armor,a {user} View a user's weapon/armor stats
party rpg,b&d,bnd p,party Show the current party that will challenge the boss at the hour mark
join rpg,b&d,bnd j,join Join the upcoming bossfight
king rpg,b&d,bnd k,king Show who is the server's current king
rpg,b&d,bnd k,king c,b,challenge,battle Challenge the king (level 10 required)
levelup rpg,b&d,bnd levelup,lvlup,lvl Claim your levelup rewards
top rpg,b&d,bnd top exp,money,bosstier Show the top players of the game
pet rpg,b&d,bnd pet,pets Show the pets you own
rpg,b&d,bnd pet,pets r,release,remove {pet number} Release a pet to make room for a different one
train t,train ws,weapon,weaponskill Train your weaponskill
t,train h,hp,health,maxhealth Train your maximum healthpool
shop s,shop armor Show shop armor inventory
s,shop armor {itemnumber} Buy armor number {itemnumber}
s,shop item Show shop item inventory
s,shop item {itemnumber} Buy item number {itemnumber}
s,shop weapon Show shop weapon inventory
s,shop weapon {itemnumber} Buy weapon number {itemnumber}
work work Work for some money to spend in the shop

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