Some of Yui's Commands
(There's over 100!)

Moderation commands

autoroleAutomatically assigns a role to people when they join.MANAGE_ROLES
banBans the member you tag if you're allowed to ban them.BAN_MEMBERS
blacklistAllows you to blacklist members from using Yui. (To prevent spam)MANAGE_SERVER
cleanAllows your to delete messages with or without a filter.MODERATOR
eventsAn extension to audit logs that has things like deleted/edited messages.MANAGE_SERVER
giveroleAllows you to give a member a role using the bot. (helpful for mobile)ADMIN
goodbyeSays goodbye to a member when they leave.MANAGE_SERVER
ignoreYui will ignore the channel you tag. (defaults to current channel)MANAGE_SERVER
kickKicks the member you tag if you're allowed to kick them.KICK_MEMBERS
listenYui will stop ignoring the current channel. (or the one you tag)MANAGE_SERVER
sasAllows admins to set which roles can be self assigned.ADMIN
softbanBans then unbans a member, which clears 7 days of messages.BAN_MEMBERS
takeroleAllows you to remove a role from a member using the bot. (helpful for mobile)ADMINISTRATOR
warnWarns the member you tag with the reason given.MODERATOR
warningsAllows you to manage and view the warnings of a user.MANAGE_SERVER
welcomeWelcomes a member to the server.MANAGE_SERVER
whitelistRemoves a member from the blacklist so they can use commands again.MANAGE_SERVER

Search commands

defineSearches urban dictionary.
findsongSearches Spotify for a track and returns a list.
findvideoSearches YouTube and returns a list.
lyricsWill search Genius for lyrics and return a link to view them.
redditPosts a random reddit image to the channel.
songSearches Spotify for a track.
videoSearches YouTube.

Money commands

balanceChecks the money in your account.
dailyGet some silver coins every 12 hours.
exchangeExchange your bronze for silver.
profileShows you your profile. (Very unfinished)
syncUsed to sync your profile, shouldn't be needed ever.

Music commmands

playPlay music from YouTube/SoundCloud.