A multi purpose bot.

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Made with friends, for friends.

A general use Discord bot.


Created with users in mind.

Most, if not all of the features implemented in the bot have come from user suggestions.
Have a suggestion? Join the Support Server to share it! Some of the current features include:

  • Global User Profiles.
    • Stats persist across servers.
    • Custom biographies and backgrounds.
  • Fact lookup with Wolfram|Alpha.
  • Global currency system seamlessly integrated with your profile.
  • Allow the community to pin messages that they enjoy using reactions.
  • Create polls for other's to vote on.

Want a new feature or found a bug?

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Upcoming Features

Community requested additions.

These features are in the works, and there is a high chance that they will be integrated into the bot.
These may be short- or long-term goals, or may be removed off this list alltogether.
Let us know what you think about them, and we may be able to hurry them up.

  • Web management console.
    • Currently in progress, this is the next big feature to be released.
    • Will allow customization of bot settings from the ease of the browser, without entering confusing commands into Discord.
  • Event logs
    • Track the events in your server, such as message deletions and role changes.
    • Fully configurable.