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XP, r/place, kahoot, tweet posting, reaction roles, powerful moderation, automod, and much more


r! (customizable)
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What is RoboTop? Well I'll be honest, I really don't know.

Just kidding, it's a multi-purpose bot with some nifty commands. Yay!

Along with lots and lots of really useless stuff, RoboTop has got a really sweet role-based warn command! (r!warn) - and an automod help out as well!

Cool stuff:

  • Post Tweets to your Twitter account directly from Discord!
  • Grind those XP points with RoboTop's highly customizable and powerful XP system
  • Make pretty pictures in the serverwide 32x32 canvas! (like r/place)
  • Search for and view info on Geometry Dash levels!
  • Create and manage emojis right from the chat, or clone emojis from other servers!
  • Easy yet powerful role color editing
  • An uwu command. This is a cry for help
  • Create and play Kahoots right through Discord (with reactions)
  • An 8ball (and also a magic conch shell). For some reason all bots have this.
  • Get info on channels, servers, users, emojis, and more
  • Role Persist! Automatically return certain roles to users when they rejoin!
  • Ultra fast Twitter video stealingdownloading
  • A reaction poll command (because why not)
  • Coin flipping. Rock paper scissors. Number generating. Random colors. Dice roller.
  • ^ also that's all mashed together in one command
  • Generate memes, textboxes, and more cool images
  • State of the art definitely-not-RNG chatbot that responds to DMs
  • Sound effects to annoy your VC pals with
  • Doesn't have an anime profile photo

please add the bot so i feel special

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