TMG Network Service Bot


TMG Network Service Bot, a TMG Network service.

TMG Network Service Bot Commands Prefix: tmg/

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TMG Network Service Bot

TMG Network Service Bot is a Discord bot, provided by TMG Network, that is dedicated in providing fun, helpful, and miscellaneous commands for your server to use.


TMG Network Service Bot has content ranging from miscellaneous to utility commands and features with new ones being implemented. Owned and developed by TMG Network.


In order to use the available commands, you must have a TMG Network Service Bot account. This can be done automatically by running any command. All commands must use the prefix tmg/, unless changed by the user.

To view the full list of available commands, run tmg/commandlist, tmg/commands, or tmg/help. If you would like to check up on the bot's health, run tmg/hello.


We are currently testing our release version. Please report bugs to our Discord server via the buttons above.