With KitRobit you can...

  • Get notifications for YouTube videos
  • Get Twitch* and Mixer stream notifications
  • Get RSS* notifications
  • Get Twitter* notifications
  • Use the !live command to get a list of which of your favorite Twitch streams are currently live
  • Automatically assign a role to users who are currently streaming on your server to boost their visibility
  • Using the !time and !timezone commands, make announcements of planned events and, even if there are people from various time zones in the chat, they will see it converted to their time!
  • Collect watermelons! Use the 🍉 (:watermelon:) emoji as a reaction to a comment to give others watermelons. But you can't give yourself watermelons, so it encourages being social!
  • Gamble with your melons by starting a watermelon lottery with the !lotto command
  • See how your watermelon collection stacks up on the Watermelon Leaderboard

*Twitch, RSS, and Twitter are premium features, however Twitch is allowed 1 free Twitch channel

To search and select your list of video/stream channels, all you need to do is go to the KitRobit website, select your server from the menu, and manage your settings through the server dashboard. It has a convenient search feature so you don't have to go to YouTube or Twitch to hunt down the channel ID.

Command Description
!live Gives you a list of live streams from the list of channels that the server is subscribed to. Cuts off the list at 25 streams.
!time -z [time zone code] [Announcement containing time] DISCLAIMER: TIMESTAMPS MAY NOT DISPLAY FOR PHONE USERS DUE TO LIMITATIONS IN THE DISCORD MOBILE APP. This command will take any message containing time, and output an identical message with a timestamp that all users will see converted to their own time zone. Your time zone can be specified with the !timezone command (this is recommended, since it is saved forever), or by including the -z [time zone code] option in your command. UTC will be used if no time zone is given. This command recognizes natural phrases like 'tomorrow at 3', 'Monday at 9 AM', or 'in five hours'. Only English phrases will work. You can also give a date, like 6/4 or 2018/09/20 (YYYY/MM/DD is the date format you should use if you don't want it to be interpreted as an American date format). If the bot has Manage Messages permission, it will delete your original command message for a cleaner look.
!timezone [time zone code] Saves your preferred time zone when using the !timecommand. This accepts codes such as CST, PST, CET, etc., as well as city/region time zones such as Madrid, Samoa, Auckland, etc. Time zones based on universal time are also accepted, such as UTC+8, GMT-2, etc.
!watermelons [user tags] Gives the watermelon counts for all of the users you tagged. If you don't tag anyone, it will give you your watermelon count.
!lotto -d [number of days] -h [number of hours] -m [number of minutes] -price [price in watermelons] Creates a lottery with a duration and price that you specify. You can mix and match the days, hours, and minutes as desired. When the time limit is reached, one winner will be selected and the lottery will be closed.
!give [user tag] [number] Gives the person you tagged the number of watermelons you specified from your watermelon inventory.
!8ball [a yes/no question] Gives you a random answer just like a classic 8-ball toy.
!roll [dice expression] Rolls dice and calculates any arithmetic you used with them. "!roll 2d10" means to roll 2 10-sided dice and give the resulting numbers from each dice. Something like "!roll (2d10 + 1d6) * 3" also works.
!help Outputs a list of KitRobit features/commands.
!site Gives you a link to KitRobit's website.
!leaderboard Gives you a link to the watermelon leaderboard.

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about 1 year ago

Kitrobit is working well! 25 free YouTube subscriptions that's pretty rare. Bot is just good idk wha to write 5 stars



about 1 year ago

very very helpful for your server



9 months ago

Very good bot! But I was incredibly saddened to find another bot that doesn't allow me to set a custom message for a SINGLE specific link/channel (YouTube, Twitch, etc.). Time to find another bot... still an amazing bot. Deserves 5 starts


Inubashiri Momiji

about 1 year ago

better than MeeSuck in video nofication



6 months ago

Хороший бот



5 months ago

Great bot for streamers




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