Simple bot me and my friend created.

This is a very simple bot I made. It first started out as a test bot with no coding, than someone I knew online came up and said he could get the bot to start working. This was Late-2017 - Early-2018. I didn’t know any code so I had no idea what to do. So he and me made a very simple command bot. I took month long hiatuses from even looking at the bot and only kept it online. I do add new stuff every now and than. Recently I added a uptime command.

Creation date - 8-12-17 First coding between 10-17 - 2-18

Anyways these are some commands this discord.js bot can do. sm-money sm-messagecount sm-level sm-work sm-ping sm-uptime sm-avatar and many other miscellaneous commands!

On 3-9-19-3-10-19 The bot had a entire redo and is currently in the middle of a redo. It is now running Klasa frame work.