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A bot that uses natural language processing to issue reminders. Supports English, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch and German.

Created By: Avatar of JellyWX JellyWX# 0001

Reminder Bot

A bot for setting reminders


Set as many reminders as you like, for whatever time you like (< 50 years)

Set reminders for your DMs, or for your guilds

Set reminders with embedded content and attachments

Supports many languages


A full command list is available on our website.

All functionality is packed into one command, $natural:

$natural in 10 minutes send Hello world to #general

$natural at 10AM on the 15th of July send Happy Birthday! to @User

Some config options are also available through:

$lang EN/ES/NL/CN/DE

$timezone <timezone name>

$prefix <prefix you want>

The bot allows for restrictions on a channel basis and a role basis, using commands:

$restrict @role

$blacklist #channel


A web dashboard is also available on my website

From the dashboard, you can set reminders, edit existing reminders, edit role-based restrictions and monitor a reminder audit log

Help Server

The help server is available at https://discord.jellywx.com


My patreon offers some benefits to users subscribed:

  • Recurring reminders

Please consider checking me out on there if you get the chance :)

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avatar of gauravgandhiv1
gauravgandhiv1 13 days ago

It works well, thanks.


avatar of Detective Queen
Detective Queen 13 days ago

The dashboard isnt working, it doesnt see what guilds/servers someone is the Administrator of. But it does have some real potential!

avatar of reminder-bot
reminder-bot 13 days ago

Hi, if you come over to our support server we can help you out in getting the dashboard working :)

Replying to Detective Queen

avatar of webtax
webtax 10 days ago

works well for a bot, not over the top though. try embeds lol