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She plays music, she moderates, she shows you cute dog pics, she does a lot!


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Konata, a multi purpose discord bot ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Coming in your server like


Konata is a capable and experimental bot, started as a project for me to play around with, but that ended up becoming a general purpose bot, useful to have around and with administration capabilities.

Here are the current commands for it (new commands are introduced every once in a while):

The bot's prefix is n$

Command Purpose
help Slides in your DMS to give you all the commands
dog [breed] [sub-breed] Sends you a doggo picture
danbooru [tags] Fetches an image from Danbooru with the given tags. Said tags must be valid tags on the website
neko OwO?
owo Wetuwns the given phwase in owospeak UwU
account Creates a Konata account (useful only for osu atm, interesting stuff is cooking)
osu [Osu! username] Returns the Osu! stats for a given user. If you have an account and linked your Osu! username, returns your stats when no name is given
osulink [Osu! username] Links your Osu! username to your account
play [title/URL] Plays the given song
skip Skips the current song (vote skipping is on the way)
summon Brings the bot to the oice channel you're in
leave Makes the bot disconnect from the voice channel
ban [user] [reason] Bans the specified user with the given reason if any
kick [user] [reason] Same as n$ban, but for kicking
status Returns some of the bot's public stats
ping Gives you the bot latency
invite Gives you the bot's invite link

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