Kurumi is a multi purpose bot with lots of useful and fun features

Created By: Noel-chan# 3030

Kurumi is a multi purpose bot with lots of features!


  • Music
  • Moderation
  • Permissions
  • Welcome message
  • Color roles
  • Leveling and level rewards
  • Chess
  • and much more...

With a bit more detail...

    Kurumi can play music from:
    • Youtube (URL or Search)
    • SoundCloud (URL only)
    • Listen.Moe
    Users can add 5 songs to the queue by default, this can be increased (to 10) by upvoting Kurumi and (to 20) by donating 1$ or more!
      Users with ban members permission can give users warnings. The warnings needed and the punishment (ban/kick) can be customized.
      Users with manage messages permission can set the blacklisted words and the punishment(warning/delete message).
    Permission system allows users with manage roles permission to enable/disable commands for roles.
Welcome message:
    Users with manage channels can set a welcome channel for the server and can add custom welcome messages. which will be randomly choosen when a user joins the server.
Color roles:
      The "defaults" can be generated by using "!k.croles". Only the owner can use this.
      Color roles can be added by using "!k.addcolor name color". The user needs to have manage roles permission.
      Roles can be removed by using "!k.removecolor name".
      Users can pick a color by using "!k.color roleName"
Leveling & Level rewards:
    Users get 1 exp/message. Rewards and difficulty of leveling up can be set by a user with manage roles permission.
If you have an idea for a new feature, feel free to join the support server and write in #bot-ideas!