Created By: Lymdun# 9640

Hey Master!!! The Holy Grail War just began! quick, quick, summon a servant, help him to become stronger and participate to it in order to win the holy vessel which, according to the legends, will fulfill all your wishes! Good luck, Master! I'm sure you'll win! :3

  • Summon a Fate Servant to help you to win the Holy Grail War!
  • Manage equipment of your Servant!
  • Apply some cool buffs on your Servant!
  • Fight against others players.. (or marry them :blush:)
  • ..Or if you prefer, you can fight monsters and try the dungeon!
  • Create or join a guild!
  • Gamble in the casino!
  • Display SFW trap images on your server with a!trap
  • Play differents games like the russian roulette!
  • Lot of utility command like 8ball predictions, or let AstolfoBot choose, or even rate anything you want.
  • Basic moderation commands!

Fully available in 12 languages! (English, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Portuguese, French, Polish, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Italian, Indonesian)