Pixel Guild Dependencies Optional Dependencies

An open-source Discord bot, written with: Library: Discord.js, Framework: Patron.js
Full documentation here.


  • Please refer to the setup documentation here.


  • Join the Official Support Server here.
  • Create an issue on GitHub here.
  • Email me here.


  • Advanced moderation commands.
  • Customisable administration commands, such as welcome messages.
  • Server-sided and global XP and level up system, offering skill points as rewards.
  • Said 'skill points' can be used to upgrade the user's skills such as fighting, magic and more!
  • Powerful auto-moderation features than can be enabled and disabled.
  • NSFW commands 😈
  • Simple utility commands like auto-role.


  • Contributions are welcome, but please do not get offended if your changes are denied.
  • To contribute, simply fork Pixel here.
    Make your changes.
    Commit to your fork.
    Create a pull request here.
  • Be sure to add your DiscordName#1234 and a brief description of your contribution to the contributors.json file.