A multipurpose bot to boost your server with amazing features! Modding, role management, chatting, leveling system, accessibility and more!


A multipurpose bot to boost your server with amazing new features! Modding, role management, chatting, leveling system, accessibility and much more!

Why Argus?

Because it is the best choice for you, of course! Argus provides you with dozens of commands in conjunction with a multitude of services, for free! Think of it as the powerhouse of your server. Instead of having to rely on multiple bots and complicated settings to do even the most basic of things, with Argus it becomes much easier! It comes right out of the box with many awesome features and you can enable many more in seconds!

What are it's features?

Let's start out with the amazing speed. Argus' average delay is between 15-30ms, which is a fraction of most bots out there. This shows just how optimized the bot is, and how well it will perform all of the duties you assign it to. Argus can handle every aspect of your server, from welcoming members to telling you when they leave. Argus can help you with moderation, as well as turning into a mod himself. He can manage polls within your server, play many mini-games with your members, chat with them, log everything that happens, and much more!



• Includes every essential mod command: mute, unmute, kick, ban, softban, shadowban, unban, warn and userinfo.

• Features Mod-Logs capable of tracking every action that takes place in the server.

• Can do Auto-Modding, protecting your server 24/7.

Role Management

• Can give and remove all the roles you specify to users via the addrole and removerole commands.

• Allows you to add and remove multiple roles at once in a single message.

• Allows administrators to block certain roles from being given.

Realtime interactions

• Can play a multitude of games such as "Rock, Paper, Scissors", "Odd or Even" and "Roll Dice".

• Can chat with you using it's huge dialogue system, which offers over 113.000 dialogues.

• Capable of executing commands like insult , fban and blame to trick users. .

Leveling System

• Allows users to level up by interacting in your community.

• Users can collect badges by doing a multitude of interactions.

• Users can also thank each other and receive karma points for behaving well.


• Features commands that allow mobile users to do things previously only PC users could.

• Allows users to change their own nickname by simply sending a message.

• Offers many commands that will expand Discord's functionality such as avatar and suggest.