Love Nikki, Deception, Pokemon, Netease, 5sing

Created By: Pi# 5773

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Netease Cloud Music - 网易云音乐 -
.play : play a song from Netease
.clear : delete all songs
.loop / .shuffle
.np : show now playing song
.pause / .resume
.skip : skip a playing song
.volume : change volume

5SING - 中国原创音乐基地5SING -
.5sing : play a song from 5sing
.5sing [option]
[option] = rec.composite.yc, rec.composite.fc, rec.ancient.yc, rec.ancient.fc, rec.pop.yc, rec.pop.fc, rec.nation.yc, rec.nation.fc, rec.rock.yc, rec.rock.fc, rec.anime.yc, rec.anime.fc, rec.ballad.yc, rec.ballad.fc,,,, rank.yc, rank.fc,,,,, musciain.well

Deception Murder in Hong Kong

In the neon-bathed city of Hong Kong, a grisly murder has taken place. You and your fellow Investigators arrive at the scene of the crime to discover that the culprit has left important clues. From among the suspicious objects scattered around, you must deduce the "Means of Murder" and identify the "Key Evidence" in order to catch and convict the killer.

As if solving a murder wasn't tricky enough, this one is complicated by the fact that the killer is among the Investigators! While the Forensic Scientist gives Investigators clues on what to look for, the Murderer attempts to sow confusion and doubt in order to cover their dark deed.

Will the Investigators be perceptive enough to successfully solve the crime or will the culprit(s) accomplish the perfect crime and get away with murder?

Commands for User:
.dct-join : join the game.
.dct-leave : exit the game.
.dct-play : play the game.

Commands for Player:
.dct-info : show the game info.
.dct-solve <@murderer> : solve the crime find the murderer.

Commands for Murderer:
.dct-kill <@witness> : kill the witness at the end game.

Commands for Forensic Scientist:
.dct-scene : answer the scene, number from 1-6.
.dct-next-round : go to next round, number of the scene you want to change from 3-6.

Commands for Mod/Admin:
.dct-reset : reset the game, need MANAGE_CHANNELS permission.



First, you need create new character.
.nikki-init : create character

To show detail command add --help to end.
Example nikki-wear --help

.nikki : show your character
.nikki-name : change your character name

.nikki-craft : make random clothes
.nikki-wear : wear clothes
.nikki-unwear : unwear clothes
.nikki-sell : sell clothes
.nikki-give : give to your friend clothes

.nikki-wardrobe : your wardrobe
.nikki-info : check clothes info
.nikki-set : Save clothes to set
.nikki-expand-wardrobe : expand your wardrobe

.nikki-battle : battle with friends
.nikki-stats : show stats of nikki
.nikki-drop-rate : show drop rate