Censor Bot


Advanced Censor Bot that comes with a pre-built and customizable filter for your server! Anti Swear bot


The EASIEST censor bot you'll ever find. Prebuilt filter that covers normal messages, edited message, and even nicknames! No filling out stupid boxes with words that people can simply just bypass with .'s and all that. A completely hardlocked filter with only developers and helpers having access. We are constantly online and answer tickets (+ticket) in order to uncensor words that aren't supposed to be censored so that you can have a seamless, simple, easy, all in one experience you'll find no where else.

Flotar Para Española

El bot de censura MÁS FÁCIL que puedas encontrar. Filtro preconstruido que cubre mensajes normales, mensajes editados e incluso apodos. No llenar estúpidos recuadros con palabras que la gente simplemente puede eludir con.'S y todo eso. Un filtro completamente bloqueado con solo desarrolladores y ayudantes que tienen acceso. Estamos constantemente en línea y contestamos tickets (+ticket) para descromear palabras que no se supone que deben ser censuradas para que pueda tener una experiencia integral, simple, fácil y todo en uno que no encontrará en ningún otro lado.


Utility / Info

Command Description Example Usage Aliases
+help Displays this menu +help +h
+faq Displays frequently asked questions +faq None
+stats Displays stats and general info for the bot +stats +info, +about
+credits Displays the contributors for the bot +credits +creds
+dashboard Displays the link for the online dashboard +dashboard +dsash
+support Gives a link to the support server +support None
+invite Gives the link for inviting the bot +invite +inv
+shards Shows all the shards along with their stats +shards None
+nsfw Turns the channel it’s sent in, to NSFW, this is for iOS users which doesn’t support toggling NSFW on channels +nsfw None
+vote Displays the link for voting for the bot on +vote None
+donate Gives the link to donate for the bot +donate None
+github Gives a link to the (unmaintained) censorbot source code GitHub +github None
+serverid Displays the server’s Server ID, sometimes the owner needs this +serverid None


Command Description Example Usage Aliases
+on Toggles the base filter ON +on None
+off Toggled the base filter OFF +off None
+setlog Sets the log channel to the channel it’s sent in. +setlog | in #log | Set’s log messages to come up in #log None
+agp Toggles Anti-GhostPing +agp +antighostping
+setmsg Set’s the pop message +setmsg Hiiii | Pop message now says "Hiiii" None
+resetmsg Resets the pop message to the original +resetmsg | You’re not allowed to say that... None
+delmsg Removes the pop message completely +delmsg | Pop message no longer comes up at all None
+msgtime Sets the time until the pop message is deleted +msgtime 5 | The pop message now deletes itself after 5 seconds None
+setrole Sets the uncensor role +setrole @Admin | Everyone with the @Admin role will no longer be censored None
+removerole Removes the uncensor role +removerole | The uncensor role no longer bypassss None
+filter Changes the server filter +filter add word | "word" will now be censored on your server None
+uncensor Changes the uncensor list +uncensor add oof | Example if "oof" is on the would no longer be censored None
+punishments Changes the punishments settings +punishments set 10 @muted | If a user curses 10 times, they will now receive the @muted role. None


Not commands but useful so shush
Word Meaning
Base Filter The filter the bot automatically comes with that is managed by the Helpers.
Pop Message The Message that comes up in the chat as soon as someone curses as a response, the "You’re not allowed to say that..." message.
Uncensor Role A role that you set that will then ignore the entire filter, if someone curses and has the role the bot will not delete, will not log, etc.
Server Filter A filter that is specific to the server it’s set in. It’s customizable and only effects your server.
Uncensor List A list of words that are ignored from the base filter on your server. Add a word to it and if it's on the base filter it won't be uncensored on your server.