Gambling & casino bot

Here are the commands

Command Description Example
+help Help command +help
+roulette Play roulette +roulette [type] [bet]
+crash Multiplier will go higher and you have to stop before crash +crash [bet]
+lower You have to guess if generated number is lower +lower [guess] [bet]
+coinflip Play coinflip with your friends +coinflip @user [bet]
+slot Play slots +slot [bet]
+poker Play videopoker with bot +pokerhelp
+highlow Play higlow +highlow [bet]
+jackpot Play jackpot with friends +jackpot help
+horse Guess which horse wins +horse [guess] [bet]
+minesweeper Avoid 2 bombs in mine field +minesweeper [bet]
+blackjack Play blackjack +blackjack [bet]
+connect4 Play round of connect 4 with friend +connect4 [bet]
+tictactoe Play round of tic tac toe with friend +tictactoe [bet]
+anagram Solve anagrams with friends. Winner takes all +anagram [bet]
Crypto coins Buy and sell real crypto coins with credits +crypto
+level Check your level progress +levels
+credits Shows your balance and levels +credits
+shop Buy levels and upgrades +shop
+crate Open crates +crate