Interface to add emoji to your server from https://discordemoji.com



EmojiButler is a bot that allows you to add emoji from the catalog at https://discordemoji.com easily.

Commands such as e:addemoji and e:removeemoji make managing emoji on your server smooth as ice.


Command Parameters Description ManageEmojis Permission Required
e:addemoji <name> <nameOverride> <name> : Name of the emoji on DiscordEmoji. <nameOverride (Optional)> : Override the name for the emoji that you want added. Adds an emoji from DiscordEmoji. You can add about 50 before you hit the ratelimit, then you'll have to wait a while. ✔️
e:clearemoji None Clears all existing emoji from the server. ✔️
e:removeemoji <name> <name> : Name of the existing emoji that you want removed. Removes an existing emoji from your server. ✔️
e:viewemoji <name> <name> : Name of the emoji from DiscordEmoji that you want to view. Displays an emoji from DiscordEmoji.
e:searchemoji <name> <name> : Name of the emoji from DiscordEmoji that you want to search for (not case sensitive). Searches for emoji from DiscordEmoji.
e:emojis <category> <page> <category> : Category name wrapped in quotes or category id (see e:categories) <page (Optional)> : Page number. Displays a list of emojis for when you're too lazy to go on the site.
e:categories None Displays DiscordEmoji categories by ID and name.
e:destats None Displays DiscordEmoji stats.
e:reportissue <issue> <issue> : The issue that you want to report. Make sure to describe in detail. Reports an issue to the bot's developer.
e:help <commandName> <commandName (Optional)> : Name of the command that you would like help for. Help command.
e:emojify <text> <text> : Text that you want emojified. Emojifies some text.
e:hi None Basically a useless command.
e:source None Displays a link to the bot's source code.
e:info None Gives some information regarding the bot.
e:server None Displays an invite to the bot's server.
e:invite None Displays an invite that allows you to get the bot on your server.