A PUBG Stat and Leaderboard bot. It allows you to easily retrieve stat information and create local leaderboards amongst your friends.

Created By: Thomas# 1442


Officially Featured

PUBG Buddy is officially featured by PUBG and they made a Spotlight Article on 11/12/2018 featuring PUBG Buddy.


This bot allows you to retrieve PUBG Stat information ranging from season stats, match data, and allows you to make local leaderboards to compare stats across friends.



  1. Add the bot to your server using the Invite button above.
  2. Run !pubg-help to understand how to use the bot.
  3. Run !pubg-help setup to understand how to see and setup defaults.
  4. Finally, run !pubg-setup to setup your Discord server's defaults (prefix, season, region, mode) that the bot will use.


  1. Ask users to run !pubg-register to register their Discord username with their PUBG in game name for an easier experience.


PUBG Commands

The core commands for the bot. These are what you're using this bot for.

Command Description
rank Returns a players solo, duo, and squad ranking details. Name is case sensitive
top Gets the top "x" players registered in the server
compare Compares two players season stats Name is case sensitive
lastMatch Generates a "last match" summary. Name is case sensitive
matches Returns the last 5 matches for a player with links to
drop Gives you a random place to drop dependant on the map.
modes Returns all available modes
regions Returns all available regions
seasons Returns all available seasons

Server Commands

These are server specific configuration. Configure the bot to serve your server best.

Command Description
addUser Adds user(s) to the server's registery. Name is case sensitive
setup Gets and Sets (admin only) the server defaults for pubg commands.
removeUser Removes a user from the server's registery. Name is case sensitive
role Assign the Discord User a role based off of PUBG's Suvival Title system.
users List all users on this server's registery.

User Commands

These are user specific configuration. Configure the bot to serve you best.

Command Description
profile Show the Discord User's profile
register Register a Discord User with a PUBG username. Name is case sensitive

Utility Commands

Theres are commands that give more information on the bot either by giving you help information for commands or giving you further details about the bot.

Command Description
help Returns command help details.
info Returns details about the bot
ping Check your ping to the bot
shrug Get your shrug on



Rank output

Rank output


Top output

Top output


Compare output

Compare output

Last Match

Last match output

Last match output


Some people have asked for a way to donate to the bot so below are links to my Paypal and my Venmo handle.

If you REALLY want to you can donate by hitting the Donate button at the top, my, or by using my Venmo handle @ThomasOrtiz95.