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Crom searches pages and shows cool stats from the SCP wiki and 20 other wikis! Made specially for SCP authors and fans.


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Hello, Crom

Designed for SCP authors and avid SCP readers, Crom is a superpowered bot that searches and displays SCPs and tales from the SCP wiki, as well as present interesting statistics and information about the wiki and its authors.

Serves ~1900 discord servers, including ones for many well-known SCP-themed games, podcasts, subreddits, and YouTube channels. You can also find Crom in the official Wanderers' Library server and other official SCP international wiki discord servers.

Up to Speed

  • Search the wiki using the ?? prefix. Try ?? 682 or ?? black white.
  • Look up wiki authors with au. Try crom au tanhony.
  • Find a random page to read when you're bored. Try crom random or crom random scp.
  • What's new on the wiki? Run crom lc to find out recently posted pages.
  • Type in ?? help to see all the commands the bot offers.

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