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Best Music Bot

The best music bot for Discord



The "Best Music Bot" brings directly all RauteMusik channels and plays all music Styles you can imagine directly in your voice channel on request.

=> Best music to chat and chill with your friends
=> Best music for gamers

The operation of the Best Music Bot for Discord is intentionally kept very simple. You can use the following commands to control the bot:

  • !join - Get the bot into the voice channel you are currently in.
  • !stations - Spit out a list of all music streams and the short name under which you can start the channel
  • !change #station name# - Switches to the desired station. Just replace #stationname# with the streamname you can find under !stations, e.g. !change main
  • !start - Plays the stream set by !change #station name#
  • !stop - End current playback

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