cards-against-humanity Commands Prefix: c!

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As of March 1, 2020, the bot will no longer be online.

List of available commands:

  • Global commands:

    • c!help - Brings up a help message
    • c!whatsnew - Show the changelog
    • c!commands - Get a link to this page
    • c!support - Brings up a link to the support server
    • c!invite - Brings up the bot's invite link
    • c!vote - Brings up a link to the bot's vote page
    • c!prefix <letter> - Change command prefix to given letter

  • Pre-game commands:

    • c!start - Start a game of Cards Against Humanity
    • c!cancel - Cancel a game of CAH
    • c!add <pack(s)> - Add a pack (use "c!add all" to add all available packs)
    • c!remove/c!rm <pack(s)> - Remove a pack (use 'base' for original pack)
    • c!packs - Show a list of all available packs
    • c!contents <pack> - Show all cards in a certain pack
    • c!setwin <points> - Set number of points needed to win
    • c!timer <seconds> - Set idle timer
    • c!setblank <blanks> - Set number of blank cards
    • c!join - Join a game of CAH
    • c!leave - Leave a game of CAH

  • Ongoing game commands:

    • c!play/c!p <card(s)> - Play the selected cards
    • c!display - Re-display the current scoreboard/black card
    • c!reset - Reset an ongoing game of CAH
    • c!join - Join the current game
    • c!leave - Leave the current game
    • c!kick <player> - Vote to kick a player

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to add me on Discord or join the support server!