Fun commands, Mod/Admin commands to make your life easier, User can see what permissions.

Fun commands, Mod/Admin commands to make your life easier

Moderation Commands:

checkbans [user] - Checks the ban of the user id or all bans

lockdown - Locks the everyone role from sending messages

addemoji - Adds a emoji to your server!

ban [user] - Bans the user you provide

createchannel [name] - Creates the channel with the name you provide

purge [x] - Purges messages

softban [user] - Bans then unbans the member you provide

unban [id] - Unbans the user ID you provide

Fun Commands:

bill - No Description Provided

birthday - To tell them happy birthday

chat - Chat with me!

xmas - Posts the happy christmas message

duel [user] - Duel someone!

gay [user] - Greenbot will predict how gay the tagged user is. if no one is tagged it will predict how gay you are

mcs [id] - Shows the minecraft skin for what you search

minecraft - Shows a minecraft gif from Tenor

penguin - Shows a penguin image

pokemon [name] - Shows a gif of a pokemon you provide or random

cheeve - Display minecraft achievement

bk - Sets your nickname to normal and brings you out of AFK

afk - Sets your nickname to [AFK] Username

boop - Sends the boop gif

cowsay [message] - Make the cow say something!

dice - Roll the die/dice

emergency [text] - Shows a iPhone Emergency screenshot with text you provide as the alert

cow - Shows a random cow!


rip [text] - Posts the Rest In Piece image and text

rps - Play rock paper scissors

seizure - No Description Provided

shoot [user] - Shoots the user your mention

shrug - Sends the shrug emote

slots - Play the slot machine!

Informative Commands:

! - Shows information for the bot!

botinfo - Shows the information about the bot

cb - Checks if a email has been breached

checkinvites - Checks how many invites there is in the server

checkwebhooks - Checks how many webhooks there is in the server

emote [name] - Shows information about the emoji

memberstats - Shows the member status for the server

mss - Shows the minecraft server status

perms - Shows the permission for a certain member or yourself

esearch [name] - Looks for the emojis matching what you provide

help [command] - Shows the help embed or help info for the command

invite - Posts the invite for the bot!

joined - Shows members by their join dates

membercount - Shows the membercount for the server!

ping - Shows the ping for the bot!

prefix - Shows the bot's prefix.

color - Shows you a random color!

emoji - Shows the server's emojis!

sysinfo - Shows the system information

uptime - Shows you how long the bot has been online

urban [query] - Gives you the urban definition of what you search for.

vote - Posts the links for the bots: GreenBot, MarksBot and Elara

youtube [text] - Gives you the search link