Spaced Channel Names, Per-Role Emojis, Welcome/Goodbye Messages and other random things.

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inter·punct bot

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Feature Tutorials

Change the prefix

If you wish to change the ip!prefix, use

ip!settings prefix <new prefix>
<new prefix>settings prefix ip!

It even supports emoji prefixes :laughingcrying:

If you mess up the prefix, use

@inter·punct settings prefix <new prefix>

When PMing the bot, a prefix is not needed.

Spaced Channel Names

If you wish to have spaces in your channel names, use

ip!channels spacing space

To undo this, use

ip!channels spacing dash

Per-role emojis

When it talks about roles, it needs a role ID. Use ip!settings listRoles to get a list of all roles and IDs.

Which do I want: Full or partial?


  • If a user does not have a role, they cannot see the emoji in their emoji list and they cannot use it either
  • Once they get a role allowing them to use the emoji, it may take some time before it appears in their emoji menu again. They can refresh manually (ctrl+r) to get it instantly.
  • An emoji can be restricted to multiple roles. If a user has any of those roles, they can use it.
  • Requires interpunct to be administrator while setting up. After setting up, admin should be removed.


  • If a user does not have the role, they cannot say the emoji. It is still visible in their emoji menu
  • They can still react with the emoji or use it in other servers
  • Only one role can be given per emoji.
  • Requires interpunct to be able to delete messages.


  • To use rankmojis on a full role emoji, you must make it both full and partial


Restrict an emoji

ip!settings discmoji restrict <role id> :my great emoji:

After restricting an emoji, you will be given back its id in case you don't have the role needed to use it.

Remove a certain emoji restriction

ip!settings discmoji unrestrict <role id> :my great emoji:


Add an rankmoji

ip!settings rankmoji add <roleid> :my_great_emoji:

Remove a rankmoji

ip!settings rankmoji remove :my_great_emoji:
ip!settings rankmoji remove <roleid>

Rankmojis support messages and edits. They do not support reactions.

Ranking people with emojis

If a rankmoji channel is set, MANAGE_ROLES people can rank people using rankmojis in the channel

ip!settings rankmoji channel #channel you can rank people on

To rank someone, react to their message with a rankmoji containing the role you want to add, then click the check mark that appears

Act fast, you only have 10 seconds. tick tick tick tick


To keep a log of everything said on your server, enable logging. Logs will also show deleted messages.

ip!settings logging true

To download the logs, use

ip!log download

To reset the logs, use

ip!log reset

Logs will log messages people send and when they send them. Logs will also log some edited messages.

If you accidentally reset the logs, they cannot be recovered. Don't.

Username Screening and Banning

If you want to autoban people who have certain words in their username, you can use nameScreening

ip!settings nameScreening add some words to ban

This will autoban anyone who joins with some or words or to or ban in their name. Not case sensitive.

Watch out when using short words like to, you might unintentionally ban someone named Tomas

ip!settings nameScreening remove to ban

The ban reason will give a list of words in their name that were in the nameScreening list

Quotes and other searchable lists

If you want a list people can search and get random ones, create a pastebin paste with your list. Each item should be seperated by two newlines.

I recommend creating a pastebin account so you can edit your quote list without running a command.

The lists commands require a pastebin ID. That is the last part of the pastebin URL. IS YOUR ID

ip!settings lists [listname] [id]

For users to get a quote, they can use

ip!listname search string
ip!listname 5
ip!listname single search string

Quote single is used to get one line in a multiline quote. A number at the end can be used to get the nth quote with that search term or of all the quotes leaderboards

If you want people to be able to get the top 3 on a page, add the page in settings

ip!settings speedrun Getting_Over_It_With_Bennett_Foddy Glitchless

People can get the leaderboards for the default category or a category of their choosing

ip!speedrun leaderboard
ip!speedrun leaderboard Snake


If you want someone to be able to use bot commands that they need a permission for, but don't want to give them the permission, you can use permreplacements

ip!settings permreplacements set <permission> <role id>

where permission is a permission string like MANAGE_GUILD and role id is a role id from ip!settings listRoles

To remove one, use

ip!settings permreplacements remove <permision>


If you want to say something that might be a spoiler

ip!spoiler everyone dies in star wars: infinity war

It will show up like this:


If you want to have welcome or goodbye messages

ip!settings events welcome OH HI THERE @s! @everyone, @s is here!!!
ip!settings events goodbye Bye @s. Your name %s will forever be rememberen't

@s and %s will be replaced with a mention to the user and the user's name, respectively

Change the name

If you wish to change the name of the bot, right click on it's name and select Change Nickname