QTweet cross-posts Twitter posts to Discord channels and DMs in real-time. Supports Dutch, French & Romanian.

Created By: Tom'# 4242

QTweet, the tweeting QT

Hello, I am QTweet, I'm a very simple bot who cross-posts twitter posts to Discord channels! You never have to use Twitter again, just ask me to post your favorite account's tweets in your favorite discord server and you're all set. I can also post to DMs directly: just join my support server and DM me from there!

A tweeting qt

Here's a few of my commands, you can find a more exhaustive documentation here.

You can support QTweet's development & help me with server costs with a small donation on Patreon, even $1 helps!


Get the latest N tweets from the given user and post them.

!!tweet HamsterFragment billwurtz: Get the last tweet from @HamsterFragment and the last tweet from @billwurtz.

!!tweet HamsterFragment --count=3: Get the last 3 tweets from @HamsterFragment.


Subscribe to a twitter user, get their tweets posted to your server (or your DMs!) in real-time. Supports multiple users, retweets and more!

!!start billwurtz atomheartother: Subscribe to both those users.


Unsubscribe from the given user.

!!stop billwurtz: Stop getting tweets from @billwurtz


List supported languages and change the current server language.

We support French, English and Romanian.

Usage: !!lang [list | set <language>]


Print a list of the twitter users you're currently fetching tweets from.


Print the help message, with usage for each command.


I'm completely open source, don't hesitate to drop by the GitHub repository to file issues or to host your own copy!

By using QTweet's commands you agree that you are responsible for the content you have QTweet repost to your respective servers. I can't be held liable for any illegal content or any content breaking Discord's TOS which you make my bot post to Discord. By accepting automatic tweets from an account into a channel, you are expressing your trust that this account will post content that respects the channel's rules, and Discord's rules. I do not monitor content posted automatically but if I come upon anything illegal I will remove it and report you to Discord.