TimePlayed is a customizable bot that tracks your playtime. It also includes pretty online user profiles and useful tools for your server.

Created By: Vaal# 4581

Hi there! I am TimePlayed. I am a useful tool for server members and server owners to have a good look of what games you and your server members play.

My key features are:

  • I'm compatible with any game/application, as long as Discord recognizes it (and if it doesn't, you can still add your game to Discord)
  • I'm privacy friendly, you have have the option to keep your playtime for yourself and I'm asking everyone permission to log their playtimes
  • I have a dashboard for easy server management, including an easy GUI to manage your server's playtime leaderboard and role awards
  • I have online user profiles which contain a lot of useful information, take a look at my profile as an example
  • I have online server profiles, which tells you as a server owner which games are often played, take a look at TimePlayed Support Server's profile as an example

If you're interested in me, please click the button beneath and try me out for a while!

Invite me!

Note: after inviting me, you (and server members) will have to accept to my Terms of Service. After accepting, I will start logging your playtime. I can't look in the past, so logging will start from the moment you accept.