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A Discord bot for Reddit Memes and Content.


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A discord bot that sends Reddit memes and news to a channel.

To add

If you are a server owner, just click here and select your channel to add the bot to your channel.

COMING SOON: Support the bot!

Soon I will be launching a Patreon, which will get you some cool extra features! Features are also available to those who support me on GitHub Sponsors! Cool features include:

  • No spam limiter!
  • Image proxies!
    • Two image proxies will be available:
      • Discord's own image uploads (as long as the image in question is >=8MB).
      • My custom Image Proxy Service.
    • DISCLAIMER: This Discord bot is for fun, and the proxy service is mainly for speed increases when Reddit is at high load. Yes, you can use it to circumvent firewalls, but I am not responsible if you get in trouble.
  • More than one queue per channel!
    • For example, you could have a queue from r/dankmemes set for once every hour and a queue set for r/prequelmemes set for once every 66 minutes.
  • Your name or username on my sponsor list on the bot!
  • More features to be announced!
  • Early access to certain alpha features! Beta features will always be public.
  • My gratitude and the knowledge that you are helping a developer get closer to making his hobby a living!

To use


  • Type !meme for a meme.
  • Type !joke for a joke.
  • Type !news for a random news article.
  • Type !5050 or !fiftyfifty to pull a post from r/fiftyfifty.
  • List of subreddits for commands can be found here.
  • A few secret commands if you're willing to look at the source code.
  • Type !news, !link, !joke, !text, or !meme followed by a subreddit name or a list of names separated with spaces (without the r/) to pull a random top post from that subreddit or from a random subreddit from that list. The !text and !joke commands post text directly to the chat. The !link and !news commands get a post that links a website or webpage. Finally, !meme get a piece of media, either a photo, a GIF, or a video. Examples: !joke meanjokes or !meme cringetopia cringe
  • Type !source to get the link to the last sent post in a channel. This was changed because people were complaining memes were coming up twice. This is because Discord shows previews of web content, to remedy this I make the link to the post a requested option, rather than removing it completely.
  • Typing !revsearch will search the web for the most recently posted PNG or JPEG file in the chat. This is done via Google Reverse Image Search. The search will prioritize results from Reddit, but if a Reddit result cannot be found, Google will return similar images and phrases, which are then put into the chat. Disclaimer: Google Reverse Image Search is best at finding simple objects, so don't be surprised if it has issues attempting to find your memes.


  • If you are a server admin, add a role called Memebot Admin to your roles. This role allows you to use the ban, unban, subscribe, and unsubscribe commands.
  • The ban and unban commands allow you ban certain subreddits on either just a channel or the entire server. To ban a subreddit, run the command !quickmeme ban <mode> <subreddit> , where mode is either server or channel. Just replace ban with unban to do the reverse effect.
    • Typing !quickmeme getbanned <mode>, where <mode> is either server or channel will give you a list of the banned subreddits on either the whole server or just the channel the command was executed on. This command can be executed by both admins and regular users.
  • The subscribe command allows the bot to periodically post memes in the channel of your choice. The command syntax is !quickmeme subscribe <interval> <subreddit1>,<subreddit2>,.... Some examples of intervals are 1h (hourly), 6h, 12h, 1d (daily), and 1w (weekly).There is a maximum time interval of one week and a minimum of 15 minutes. You can add as many subreddits as you want to the custom command, as long as your command is under 2000 characters (Discord's rule, not mine), and random one will be pulled from your list. The subreddits are separated with commas, not spaces. If you use spaces you will get an error.
    • To unsubscribe, simply type !quickmeme unsubscribe and the bot will stop sending messages in that channel until prompted again.
    • The bot checks the queue every ten seconds, so many of the messages will not be exactly on-the-dot every hour, but should be within a minute or two.


If any support is needed, please post an Issue on the Issues page on Github or join my support server found here.

Additional Random Info and Facts

  • This bot caches the 100 "hottest" posts on all subreddits called upon it to decrease the response time to the minimum.
  • This bot was made as a side project of mine, an idea as some of my friends were not really Reddit users but I always talked about the memes and posts. They use Reddit now.



If its offline, I am probably working on it.

Icon by my friend, Mel. Logo is Copywritten and can only be used by The Official DiscordQuickMeme bot and its copyright holders.

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