A global economy and level bot. Access your level and coins as long as Halpie is in that server.

Use .help command to get the list of available commands.

We are currently in a process of rewriting Halpie.

Halpie - A Pink Harper v1.3.60

Halpie is a Discord bot that has a Leveling System and Economy System. Halpie is a new bot and will expand its features over time.

Available Commands

Command Description
profile Check your current Level and EXP
balance Check how many coins you currently have
coinflip Test your luck by betting some coins
mine Mine some ores which you can sell afterwards
ores Check how many ores you currently have
work A Legal way to earn coins without getting arrested
christmas Get some coins from Santa (Christmas Only)
bank Check your current Bank balance
deposit Deposit your coins to your Bank account
withdraw Withdraw coins from your Bank account. Tax included
sell Sell all of your ores or a specific ore.
shop Check the current items available in shop
buy Buy an item from the shop using coins
leaderboards Check the global top users
daily Claim your daily coins
vote Vote Halpie and claim daily coins from this command