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A bot that has Fun, Moderation, Games commands and Fortnite tracker!


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A bot that has Fun, Moderation, Games commands, Economy and Fortnite tracker! It is updated frequently , user friendly and bug-free!

The bot has these commands: displays a list of all the commands s.botinfo displays information about the bot s.addrole adds a role to someone s.ban bans a user with a reason s.kick kicks a user with a reason s.purge deletes the last messages s.removerole removes a role from someone s.tempmute mutes someone for a time period with a reason s.warn warns someone with a reason s.warnlist gets how much warns someone has s.avatar display someone's avatar s.level display someone's level s.prefix change the prefix of the server reports someone with a reason s.say say something in the name of the bot s.serverinfo displays information about the server s.config changes values for the server s.fortnite displays information about fortnite stats s.8ball answers you questions displays a cat image s.coin tails or heads? hmm s.insult insults someone displays a dog image s.rps play rock paper scissors with the bot s.memes displays a meme image s.coins displays your coin balance s.fishy go fishinh to get coins give someone coins s.slots try your luck and get coins

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