RabBot the Bot that will jump into your Server!

Created By: Hel# 6378

RabBot - The Discord Bot that will jump into your Server


RabBot is an easy-to-use Discord Bot that do exactly what most of Discord's Bot do :

  • Money Command like getting your hourly dailies
  • Pok√©mon Command to Catch 'Em All (New: Shiny seems to appear)
  • BlackJack Command to learn counting Cards before entering a real Casino (New: Double possible as first move)
  • Roulette Command because European Roulette is fun
  • SlotMachine Command because every bot has one
  • Akinator Command even if he will never guess the right Character
  • StrawPoll Command to create or check your StrawPoll
  • Moderation Command because kicking/banning member is the basic of Discord

Also RabBot has some other fanzy command (like splashing Rabbit Pictures)


Standard Permission

RabBot need some permissions to use his functionality :

  • Read Messages & Read Message History to read message to trigger his commands
  • Send Messages : to send the response of the command
  • Embed Links : some respond contains Embed with links (e.g the help command)
  • Attach Files : some respond contains Embed with Picture (e.g the rabbit command)
  • Add Reactions : some respond include reaction for more interaction (e.g the pokemon command)
Additional Permission

You can also define those permission to RabBot for more functionality

  • Manage Messages : for mass message deleting
  • Kick Members : for kick member using RabBot
  • Ban Members : for banning member using RabBot
  • Manage Role : for assigning Mute role using RabBot (you have to create and set up a mute role)

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