A discord bot to translate discord messages, supports 100+ languages, automatic translations, flag translations and more.

Created By: Telk# 4038


Translate Commands

  • t!binary : Change a message to binary
  • t!emojify : Translate something into emojis
  • t!fancytext : Generate fancy looking text
  • t!translate : Translate to another language.

Utility Commands

  • t!help : Display help for a command.
  • t!info : Check the bot's stats
  • t!invite : Check the bot's stats
  • t!ping : Check the bot's latency
  • t!prefix : Change the command prefix the bot uses in your server.
  • t!quota :
  • t!settings : See/Look at the current guilds settings

Additional information

  • When you react a message with a flag it will translate to the flag language(not all flags are listed)


  • Each user has a daily quota. Use t!quota to check yours.
  • Another option to have auto translate on is ending the channel desc in auto: on. This will not change anything if auto option is on.
  • If you need any help please do not add Telk#4038 as a friend and join
  • Voting on dbl gives you an extra 25 quota