I'm Helix and here are some of my features: Memes, Roleplay, Jokes, Moderation, Self-Roles and Server Management.

Created By: TeXusAK# 1327


Helix Description

Heyo,Helix is a bot with many features.Helix is always online 24/7, so you can add him on servers very easy ! Helix is made from scratch with Discord.js, Node.js, and love 💚

Some of my features

  • Cool Memes ✓
  • Roleplay Commands for weebs ✓
  • Customizable Behavior 10/10 ✓
  • Funny commands for sad people ✓
  • A really good moderation for bad bois ✓
  • Helix Commands

    Command Info Usage Example
    help Sends you the commands list through DMs h!help h!help
    botinfo Shows information about the bot. h!botinfo h!botinfo
    serverinfo Shows information about the guild. h!serverinfo h!serverinfo
    userinfo Shows information about the mentioned user. h!userinfo @user h!userinfo @TeXusAK
    invite Sends an invite link to add the bot to your server. h!invite h!invite
    avatar Sends the mentioned user avatar. h!avatar @user h!avatar @TeXusAK
    createinvite Creates a permanent invite link to the server. h!createinvite h!createinvite
    myid Posts your user id. h!myid h!myid
    serverid Posts the server id. h!serverid h!serverid
    ask Ask the bot something and he will answer anything for you. h!ask [question] h!ask Is this bot the best?
    yomama Tells a random yomama joke. h!yomama h!yomama
    kitty Posts a random picture of a cat. h!kitty h!kitty
    doggo Posts a random picture of a doggo. h!doggo h!doggo
    meme Posts a noice meme h!meme h!meme
    photo Posts a random picture. h!photo h!photo
    norris Tells a random Chuck Norris joke. h!norris h!norris
    yesno Ask a question and the bot will answer with yes or no. h!yesno [question] h!yesno Is TeXus a bad boi?
    trumpquote Tells a random Trump quote. h!trumpquote h!trumpquote
    dadjoke Tells a random dad joke. h!dadjoke h!dadjoke
    rate Rates the "object"/user mentioned. h!rate @user/[text] h!rate @TeXusAK - h!rate Life
    russian roulette It's a russian roulette command, good luck surviving! h!rr h!rr
    bunny Posts a random bunny image. h!bunny h!bunny
    advice Ask some advices from the advice generator machine. h!advice h!advice
    yearfact Tells a random year fact. h!yearfact h!yearfact
    mathfact Tells a random math fact. h!mathfact h!mathfact
    dice Roll the dice. h!dice h!dice
    ship Ship the mentioned user(s). h!ship @user h!ship @TeXusAK @Helix - h!ship @Helix
    coinflip Flip the coin. h!coinflip h!coinflip
    knockjoke Tells a knock-knock random joke. h!knockjoke h!knockjoke
    stupid Tells how stupid is the mentioned user. h!stupid @user h!stupid @TeXusAK
    bingo Bingo game. h!bingo h!bingo
    codejoke Tells a random programming joke h!codejoke h!codejoke
    join-role Join a role from the assignable roles list h!join-role [rolename] h!join-role Moderator
    leave-role Leave a role from the assignable roles list h!leave-role [rolename] h!leave-role Moderator
    spongify Spongify the specified text/word h!spongify [text] h!spongify Test dis but
    ban Ban the mentioned user. h!ban @user [reason] h!ban @TeXusAK - h!ban @TeXusAK ur a weeb
    kick Kick the mentioned user. h!kick @user [reason] h!kick @TeXusAK ur a bad boi
    purge Purges the amount of messages specified. h!purge [amount] h!purge 100
    mute Mute the mentioned user. h!mute @user [time] [reason] h!mute @TeXusAK 6h ur newb
    say Make the bot say what you want.. h!say [text] h!say Helix is a good waifu 10/10
    announce Posts an announcement in an embed format. h!announce [text] h!announce This is a test
    softban Softban the mentioned user. h!softban @user [reason] h!softban @TeXusAK test
    embed Sends what you want in an embed format. h!embed [text] h!embed Memes are gud
    promote Sets an user in a specified role. h!promote @user [role] h!promote @TeXusAK Member
    demote Removes an user from the specified role. h!demote @user [role] h!demote @TeXusAK Member
    poll Create a poll where people can vote. h!poll [question] h!poll Is Helix noice?
    lockdown Locks the chat for how much you specified. h!lockdown [time] h!lockdown 1s/m/h/d
    lockdown off Unlocks the chat before the time passes. h!lockdown off h!lockdown off
    unmute Unmute the mentioned user. h!unmute @user h!unmute @TeXusAK
    hackban Bans the user id. h!hackban [user id] h!hackban 254708528718020610
    unhackban Un-bans the user id. h!unhackban [user id] h!unhackban 254708528718020610
    report Report the mentioned user. h!report @user [reason] h!report @TeXusAK Abusing powers
    remindme Set a remind for yourself h!remindme [time] [text] h!remindme 2hours Code my waifu
    pat Pat the mentioned user. h!pat @user h!pat @TeXusAK
    smack Smack the mentioned user. h!smack @user h!smack @TeXusAK
    kiss Kiss the mentioned user. h!kiss @user h!kiss @TeXusAK
    hug Hug the mentioned user. h!hug @user h!hug @TeXusAK
    poke Poke the mentioned user. h!poke @user h!poke @TeXusAK
    highfive Highfive the mentioned user. h!highfive @user h!highfive @TeXusAK
    bite Bite the mentioned user. h!bite @user h!bite @TeXusAK
    kill Kill the mentioned user. h!kill @user h!kill @TeXusAK
    cuddle Cuddle the mentioned user. h!cuddle @user h!cuddle @TeXusAK
    tickle Tickle the mentioned user. h!tickle @user h!tickle @TeXusAK
    owstats Check your OverWatch Statistics! h!owstats username#battletag h!owstats chloe#21182
    osu Check your OSU! Statistics! h!osu [OSU-Username] h!osu TeXusAK
    autorole Set an auto-role for the server. h!autorole [role] h!autorole Members
    setchannel Set the chnanel log for welcome/leave messages. h!setchannel #channel h!setchannel #general
    dmwelcome Set the DM welcome message. h!dmwelcome [message] h!dmwelcome Welcome {user} to {servername}. We have {membercount} members.
    welmsg Set the welcoming message h!welmsg [message] h!welmsg Welcome {user} to {servername}. We have {membercount} members.
    byemsg Set the leaving message h!byemsg [message] h!byemsg {user} left {servername}. We have {membercount} members.
    add-role Add a role to the assignable roles list h!add-role [rolename] h!add-role Moderator
    remove-role Remove a role from the assignable roles list h!remove-role [rolename] h!remove-role Moderator