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Easy way to create and manage complex polls and surveys. Anonymous voting, roles/weights, exports, scheduling, and much more!


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Pollmaster V 2.4


With Pollmaster you can very easily create and manage complex polls on your server.

Here is a quick list of features:

  • Voting works with reactions (users don't need to type anything)
  • Anonymous voting is possible
  • You can hide the current vote count to prevent sheeping
  • Polls can be single choice, multiple choice or restricted to a specific number of choices
  • You can prepare polls in advance and schedule them to a date and time or manually activate them
  • Polls can be given a deadline or they can be open until closed manually
  • You can restrict which roles are allowed to participate
  • You can assign weights to roles to count their votes more or less
  • Polls are persistent and will be available until you delete them
  • Personalised info for each poll by reacting with โ”
  • Everything can be done in private chat with the bot to reduce spam on the server
  • Full multi-server support!
  • For advanced users: Commandline support to create a full poll in one line -> pm!cmd help

Take a look!

Here is how Pollmaster looks in action:

Pollmaster in action

Pollmaster in action

The most important commands

Command Effect
pm!help Shows an interactive help menu
pm!new Starts a new poll with the most common settings
pm!advanced Starts a new poll all the settings
pm!quick Starts a new poll with just a question and options
pm!show Shows poll in a specified channel (can be different from original channel)
pm!prefix Change the prefix for this server
@mention prefix Show the prefix if you forgot it
pm!userrole Set the role that has the rights to use the bot

Getting Started

Users with the server permission "Manage Server" will have all rights from the start, meaning you can get started with pm!new right away!

To grant users without "Manage Server" poll creation access to the bot, create and distribute the role polladmin or polluser. If you already have roles for these rights you can tell the bot by typing pm!adminrole and pm!userrole .

Need help? Want to try out Pollmaster?

Join the support discord server by clicking the button on the top of the page.

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