MoBot is a custom bot that accepts users' requests and implements them into their server(s).

Created By: Mo# 9991

MoBot is a bot with customizable functionality with built-in functions available.

Use `@MoBot#0697 help` for a full built-in command list (server specific commands coming soon in the help menu).

 Server Specific

  •  MoBot offers a deal to get unlimited custom functionality for $2/month or $15/year.
  •  (Offer may be updated at a future date when demand increases.)

Built-in Functions

Specific Use

General Use

  • Clear Messages in Bulk
  • Post and Edit Messages MoBot
  • Post and Edit Embeds from MoBot
  • Edit Channel Names
  • Set Nicknames
  • Add/Remove Roles to Specific Users
  • Add Reactions as MoBot