Gaming Gal

RPG Bot with Mechas, Pets, Marriage, Spaceships, ... What do you want more?

Created By: Alex_# 8083

Gaming Gal will provide you simple bot features like music, $$hug, $$kiss,.. etc. Like many other bots, the bot has,... ... Lets be honest. No one cares about that.

But what makes Gal different than other bots?

Gal is not just a bot, the idea behind Gal is not to work like a bot, to entertain you with hugs, etc. Gal was created to deliver you a gaming experience on discord.

Once you have Gal on your server, Gal will provide you with:

  • a message on how to start the game
  • a built-in setup which will create a category + channels for gal

After you started the game ($$create), one of the gods in the universe will tell you how to continue.

If you are stuck or don't know what to do, it is advised to use the $$tutorial or $$help command.

Gal provides you with a really immersive game, it might be too much at first glance, but once you are in... you are in

Gaming Gal also receives regular updates (mostly between a few days, bug fixes immediately - bugs get reported with a built-in report system) and you can expect a 24/7 uptime.

It is also advised to join the support server if you have any questions or want to be informed about the newest updates + get the best support.

Still reading? It would be too much to explain you the game in detail, so here is a quick summary so you wont be too bored: You will start in a new world, with the goal to become the richest person. Along your way you will receive a mecha. Your mecha allows you to explore the game with others. Once you reach a certain level, you will be able to prestige and recruit your officer. Your officer allows you to fight dungeons and the commanders. If you reach prestige 3, you will get an army, but be careful, you might end up getting invaded.