A simple to use Ticket-bot. Instead of typing "!new", just type in a channel to make a ticket!

Created By: Andre_601# 0601


Supporto is a simple Ticket-bot, with a small twist.
The bot throws the system of writing a command to open a new ticket out of the window and replaces it with a channel-based ticket-creation.
People just have to type a message in a defined channel to create a ticket.
The creator, people with the permission manage server or a set staff-role (optional) can close the ticket, by simply clicking on the reaction of the first message and confirming the close.

Every participants in the ticket will receive a transcript of the chat in a DM (This can be disabled).


People with manage server permission or a registered staff-role assigned Can NOT create a ticket like normal.
This was made to let people have a way, to make a message in their ticket-channel (e.g. for information).
If you still want to create a ticket, add a !create to the message.


The default prefix for commands is t_. To know, what prefix is used in a guild, simply mention the bot.

<arguments> are required and [arguments] are optional.


General commands to get info about the bot.

Command: Subcommand(s): Description:
Help Shows all commands.
[command] Gives information about a specific command.
Info Get some info about the bot.
Invite Sends links to invite the bot, for the Discord or the GitHub-repository.
Stats Shows statistics of the bot like the total amount of created tickets.


This commands are for either getting some guild-info, or for changing stuff.

Command: Subcommand(s): Description:
Guild Gives some info about the Guild/Discord.
Roles Lists all roles on the Discord. This requires manage server permission.


This commands can only be run inside a ticket.
Only exception is the Settings command.

All commands require you to have manage server permission!

Command: Subcommand(s): Description:
Add member <memberID> Adds a member to the ticket.
role <roleID> Adds a role to the ticket.
Remove member <memberID> Removes a member from the ticket.
role <roleID> Removes a role from the ticket.
Settings Shows settings of the bot.
category set <categoryID> Sets a category, where tickets will be created.
category reset Resets the set category.
channel set <#channel> Sets a text channel as a ticket channel.
channel reset Removes the set channel.
dm on Enables sending a transcript to all participants in DM.
dm off Disables sending of transcripts in DM.
log set <#channel> Sets a channel, where ticket-actions are logged.
log reset Resets the set channel.
role set <roleID> Sets a role as a Staff-role which allows closing tickets.
role reset Resets the set role.

For what is the staff-role?

The staff-role allows you to let people be able to close tickets of others without giving them potential harmful permissions.

What ticket-actions are logged?

Right now does the bot log the following actions:

  • Creating a ticket
  • Closing a ticket
  • Adding a member to a ticket
  • Removing a member from a ticket
  • Adding a role to a ticket
  • Removing a role from a ticket

Messages from the ticket itself aren't logged and never will be. Only time it is logged is during the ticket-closing when a transcript is send through DM.

Other questions/Information

For more information and possible questions please visit the Wiki or join the Supporto-Discord