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Introduction to Dragon Ball OV:

What the general basis of the bot is that you are able to advance in a story mode similar to Dragon Ball Legends, Summoning all sorts of cool and exciting new fighters, Levelling them up to duel with your friends, Fighting powerful villains and much more. We have a variety of features in the bot to keep you interested and we'll continue to keep the bot up and running, hopefully for a very long time.

To start type !start

Dragon Ball OV Features and Commands

Features Commands and Explanation
PVE If you wish to begin a challenge, you would use the command !challenge [number] or !ch [number] in order to challenge the villain. Command Usage: !ch 1

To attack your enemy you need to use a move, Each characters moves range from 1-4, and you can see the moves avaliable through the use of !moves and in order to use a move you use the command !use Command Usage: !use 1

To check ki available for attacks use !ki If you spend too long to respond the bot will time out and you will have to restart your challenge. Once you defeat a challenge for the first time you will obtain the character.

Levelling Whenever you defeat an enemy you will obtain 'x' amount of exp, the amount you get depends on how strong of an enemy you faced. Power level is also increased after defeating an enemy

NOTE: The more enemies you defeat the higher your power level becomes.

Summoning Defeating an enemy also gives you zeni, Now once you have enough zeni you are able to summon from a banner. To see what banners are available do !banners

To see what is inside a specific banner do !inside [number] Command Usage: !inside 1

To summon from a banner do !summon The number of stars displayed determine how rare a chatacter is, the higher the stars the rarer the character. The number of stars displayed determine how rare a chatacter is, the higher the stars the rarer the character within that banner The cost of banners will vary and some banners are premium only, which will require premium currency to summon from.

Donate You can donate using the !donate command, donaters get various perks including a premium currency Omni-Shards (OS). Omni-Shards can be used to summon on premium banners, donating $1 will give you a total of 30 OS which lets you do 3 premium summons.
PvP Now if I want to challenge someone I need to select the character and offer a challenge, this is done through the !fight [@User] command, To accept a battle you need to use the **`!ready`** command, To see moves avaliable is the same as when challenging a villain, !moves.
Trading To trade use the !trade command and enter the value you are willing to trade !trade [user] [value]
Chat Spawns Fighters will have a chace to spawn whenever you send a message, fighters of all rarities are avaliable as chat spawns. The higher the rarity the lower the chance of that specific fighter spawning. To engage a chat spawned fighter, use the command !enter, if you don't already own that fighter you'll unlock him, if you do then you'll only some zeni and exp.
Generic Commands To info a character you need to select the character and use the command !info To see amount of zeni available check !zeni To pay other users use !pay

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