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Easy to use, multi-purpose bot with 200+ commands; moderation, fun, music, utility, and more!


!mat (Customizable)
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MAT's Bot

A multi-purpose Discord Bot created by NinjaSnail1080#8581

Default prefixes: !mat, mat., or mat/

Note: The prefix !mat must have a space between it and the command. The other two don't require this space.

The prefix can be changed for your server with the prefix command.


MAT's Bot has over 200 commands, with features including but not limited to:

  • Moderation
    • Kick, ban, softban, mute (channel-specific or server-wide)
    • Purge messages
    • Self-assignable roles
    • Create giveaways/raffles
    • Starboard system
    • Disable and enable commands
    • Custom welcome and goodbye messages
  • MEMES!
  • Music
    • Play from YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc. in a voice channel
    • Supports search, URLs, and playlists
    • Anyone can add songs to the music queue
    • Pause, resume, skip, seek, fast-forward, rewind, loop, shuffle, etc.
    • Works with YouTube and Twitch livestreams too
    • Get lyrics to a song
  • Information
    • Info on the server, a member, channel, role, etc.
    • Bot stats
  • Image Manipulation
    • Convert images into ascii art (one of my favorite features)
    • Read text from an image
    • Create memes
    • Deepfry, magikify, and blurpify pictures
  • Tag system; tag text for later retrieval
  • Utility
    • Get current weather around the world
    • Convert between currencies
    • Dictionary and thesaurus commands
    • Search Google images
    • Set reminders
  • Get Cyanide & Happiness and xkcd comics
  • Create straw polls
  • Get showerthoughts and jokes
  • Create wordclouds for text channels
  • ...and more!

Invite MAT's Bot to your server and type !mat help for more info and a full list of commands. Report any problems or suggestions you may have at my support server.

Dedicated to AwooMAT1417#7540

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