Viper is a multipurpose bot with the main focus being on automoderation

Created By: Riri# 0001

This Bot Powers the Following Communities:

What is Viper?

Vuoer is a multipurpose discord bot designed at having an easy to understand feature list whilst still being quite versatile - it is planned to be a 'version 2' of Devola

What is Viper's Uptime?

The bot will mostly have a 24/7 uptime excluding crashes which are still possible as Viper isn't finished or scheduled checks/updates to the bot If you are unsure if Viper is online check the status page

How can I invite Viper?

Viper can be invited here The bot requires basic perms such as Read & Send Messages, Embed Links, View message history and other perms that will shown missing if they are not given

Is there a planned feature list for Viper?

Viper's planned features can be found on trello

How do I get support or report a bug?

Join the support discord and use the bug and support channels

Is there a wiki page for Viper?

The wiki for Viper can be found on Gitbook

Is there a list of commands?

Commands can be found by viewing the commands page

Is there a goal for Viper

The overall future goal of Viper is to have a fully featured bot that has many useful commands that are understood by anyone without any overcomplicated permission flags and fits a users needs

Vipers main focus for the early parts of 2020 is to have a vast automoderation suite - learn more about Viper in support guild