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A multiple purpose bot with revolutionary features such as disliking you on a 50/50 chance



rat bot will respond "rat" when you say "rat" and will delete other messages when the channel is #rat

type r.help for help command (support, full available command list, etc), and visit my github for submitting issues/the readme.md/source code


r.v – generates a bible verse

r.cc - generates a certain phrase based on an integer

r.bm – rates something as based or cringe

r.gm – rates something as a percentage of Gobi

r.decide – chooses something from a list separated by commas

r.rs – pulls a random song from config file

r.borg – We are the {item}

r.tos – generate a star trek original series plot

r.convert – converts between temperatures

– takes two inputs – r.convert 30 C is valid

r.time – current time in EST

r.xkcd – get xkcd off of comic number, i.e. r.xkcd 221

r.xkcd latest – gets latest xkcd comic

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