Created By: oops# 1100


Collect cards of characters from your favorite series.


/help: Links to the help page.
/profile: View your profile.
/daily: Collect your daily bonus.
/weekly: Collect your weekly bonus.
/gacha: Pull a random card.
/forge [card_id_1] [card_id_2] [card_id_3]: Combine 3 cards to forge a new card. Refer to Forging.
/quest: View available quests or a specified quest.
/mail [index/"collect"/"discard"/"notifs"]: View your inbox, collect gifts, and discard mail. Refer to Mail.
/cards [page/"all"]: View a list of your cards.
/card [id]: View a random or specified card.
/event: View any ongoing events.
/events: View the event schedule.
/report: Report a bug (or bug abuser) to a developer.


By Forging, you can combine 3 cards of equal tier to forge a new card of equal or above tier.
The only way to receive a Legend card is by forging.
Combining identical cards increase your chance of forging a card of the above tier.
You do not have to repeat a card ID multiple times in the /forge command.
For example, instead of typing /forge apple apple orange, you can simply type /forge apple orange.
Both commands will attempt to forge a card using 2 apples and 1 orange.


Occasionally, you may receive mail from a developer, supporter, or even a friend!
Certain mail might contain gifts that can be collected with /mail collect.
You can discard mail from your inbox after collecting any pending gift on it with /mail discard.
To quickly collect all gifts, or discard all mail, use /mail collect all or /mail discard all.
If you'd like to receive notifications whenever you get mail, use /mail notifs.


Invite Gacha to a server with Celeste to unlock new quests and events.