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All-in-one calendar bot for Discord. Recurring events, magic time zones, event reminders, role based sign-ups, and more!


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Apollo Calendar Bot

Gone are the days where you need an external calendar to keep track of events; Apollo can do it all right within Discord!

Notable features

  • Automatic reminders
  • Recurring events
  • Role based sign ups
  • Mention roles when an event is posted
  • Custom event colors
  • Easy time zone conversion
  • Add events to your Google Calendar
  • Fully customizable
  • Intuitive time inputs
  • Multiple event channels to keep organized
  • Modify existing events
  • Advanced permission management

Want a quick demo? Got a question? Need help with setting up Apollo for your specific use-case?

Join the Apollo Discord server where our staff and community members can help out!

User Reviews


Based on 27 reviews

avatar of Michelle.sso
Michelle.sso 2 months ago

can anyone explain me how this bot works? with those accepted and those other things xD

avatar of Apollo
Apollo 2 months ago

Apollo is an event planner. Users can RSVP by clicking on the reactions for accepted, tentative, and declined.

Replying to Michelle.sso

avatar of [AFK]Depressed™
[AFK]Depressed™ 2 months ago

I like the bot alot but I just have 1 question. How do I change the prefix?

avatar of Apollo
Apollo 2 months ago

You can change the prefix with the !prefix command :)

Replying to [AFK]Depressed™

avatar of Clouds
Clouds 2 months ago

I dont think you can...

avatar of Apollo
Apollo 2 months ago

Hey MickNick, you can change the prefix with the !prefix command.

Replying to Clouds

avatar of Dr. HaZaRd
Dr. HaZaRd 1 month ago

The new feature to sort events is awesome!


avatar of Prophecy
Prophecy 1 month ago

Best calendar and event bot I have ever used!


avatar of Winjaツ
Winjaツ 17 hours ago

Okay it was going smoothly and then the bot just went offline, and this has happened before.


avatar of ArccoPlayz
ArccoPlayz 1 month ago

Where is the dashboard? How do i get there?


avatar of Luffy
Luffy 1 month ago

Is there a way that I can make an event only for a certain role, or roles and not to everybody? Since, I don't want reminders to be sent to everybody, just to the certain people.


avatar of Jamal2k
Jamal2k 28 days ago

Good bot but i was setting an event up and it went offline..


avatar of Akhil
Akhil 17 days ago

Pretty good bot. Would recommend to anyone that's trying to organise their meetings on discord.


avatar of browley165
browley165 17 days ago

At first I was very excited about this bot and it's a good bot, but from the moment he goes offline members can not participate in events anymore.


avatar of WOULINX
WOULINX 1 day ago

I break one point. Because i can't change reminders of default signup options when i create the event. I'm changing it after i create the event every time. But then i realize how much i love this bot and give the one point back :) Best event schedule bot ever.


avatar of Tubay
Tubay 1 day ago

event başlatamıyorum nasıl event başlatıcam


avatar of Kssar
Kssar 23 hours ago

really usefull


avatar of Einsteinoob
Einsteinoob 7 days ago

Overall good bot, but somehow every time I use the mention feature the bot makes 2 @‘s which makes it unable to mention anybody. Does the double @ bug only happen in @everyone or does it occur to other roles too?


avatar of MelodyGoPlay
MelodyGoPlay 2 days ago

I like it, but I can't create a channel. It tells me it needs permissions, but I already gave it all the permissions.