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Created By: bit0r1n# 2007

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Altir is multifunction bot. If you have beautiful idea for bot you can offer it:)
Bot owner want to present these functions:

📽 Twitch. You can get information about Twitch streamer and subscribe to their streams.

😻 Anime. You can search anime and get information about their in MyAnimeList or Shikimori catalog.

🖼️ Images. You can do something with images with Altir help. Like swirl it, d i s t o r t it, ᴄᴏᴍᴘʀᴇss it, show your image like minecraft banner (that added with modifications) and something else.

⚒️ Utilities. Altir also can help you with poll creating, or creating cool embed message (yes, yes, embed message, but for small pay - 3 upvotes on platform) and maybe more useful tools.

👋 Greeting and parting. You can configure Altir to send message to multiple channels when someone come/leave to/from server.

📚 Multilanguge. Altir support multilanguage system. You can translate Altir to your language, just visit this page