A feature-packed, all-in-one DIscord bot for your everyday needs.

Hibiki Hibiki

Feature Overview

🔨 Powerful moderation commands

🔧 Easy configuration

📜 Message and event logging

🔧 Useful utilities

✔️ Agreement System

✅ Automatic role assignment

➕ Self-assignable roles

🍪 Economic system

💜 Marriage & user interaction


Hibiki is a fun, simple, and feature-packed bot for your everyday needs.

Originally written for a community to be used as their everyday bot, it soon became an entirely new project.

Hibiki is fun

Hibiki was created with simplicity and fun in mind. As such, there are many fun commands included with her.

From interacting with other users to fetching images and random comics such as Garfield, your server will never be boring with Hibiki in it.

Hibiki is easy to use

Using Hibiki is as simple as typing -help and selecting the command you'd like to use.

And to add to that, setting up Hibiki is extremely easy as well! All you have to do is be sure you can manage the server and type -setup.

Hibiki is feature-packed

Hibiki comes with over 100 commands! These range from fun commands, to utilities, and to moderation commands.

You can do everything you'd want to do with an all-in-one Discord bot by using Hibiki, and it's also very quick too!

Hibiki has powerful utilities

Hibiki comes packed with some strong but simple-to-use moderation commands and utilities. For the moderation commands, most powerful bots have these, but Hibiki has some unique utilities such as monitoring Steam accounts for future bans, inspecting channels, roles, and invites, and viewing IP information.