Tired of weebs and furrys in your server? Antiowo will ban/kick anyone who says owo or uwu! You can blacklist/whitelist words or users.

Created By: Wait What# 4975



Are you tired of weebs and furries in your Discord server? Antiowo will ban, kick or otherwise censor anyone who says owo or uwu! You can also blacklist and whitelist your own words, users and roles.


  • Removal of messages that include owo or uwu. Antiowo is very smart and will detect much more than just that
  • Warning system. You can set the amount of warnings before action
  • Custom punishments. You can switch between bans, kicks or simple deletions (censors)
  • Rewards for voting. Voting for Antiowo 3 times grants you one use immunity
    • This can be disabled in your server


  • The default prefix is ::. It can be changed using ::prefix
  • Use ::help all for more info
    • The commands can be found HERE

Antiowo doesn't work?

  • If Antiowo doesn't work check out the Having issues? section on Antiowo's website. Make sure that the bot has a higher role than the offender and that Antiowo's role can manage messages and ban members. You can also join the support server for more help

Note: this bot is meant to be joke. Please do not take it personally.