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Meet Bolt, a new multi-purpose Discord bot!

In any server; having a bot which provides all the essential needs for the server is vital. BotPlex helps this, having the commands ranging from fun to moderation and pictures.

The support team is always active and provides faster support when you send a message to the bot and use real-time DM support tickets.

BotPlex is running all day, all night. Behind the scenes, BotPlex creates automatic backups, protects servers from spammers and receives daily updates (can be bug fixes or new features).

What are the features?

Bolt is basically a Discord general-purpose bot.

This bot provides

  • Moderation
  • Rank system
  • Logs (the bot logs users leaving/joining the server, moderator actions, deleted messages and more)
  • and many other features available in the command list

Customize Bolt for your server !

Bolt's prefix and logging channels can be edited!

You may find a list of settings you can edit here

Bolt speaks different languages !

The bot actually speaks 2 different languages :

  • English (United Kingdom) (the default language)
  • French/Français (France).

The english translation doesn't come from Google Translate

There's no more HUGE help messages.

Bolt has its own documentation and does NOT have long help messages.

You can view the documentation here.

It's easier to find what you need in the documentation than in a regular help message.

Bolt, the most easy-to-use Discord bot.

with its moderation, leveling, logging systems and other features.

(c) Bolt 2020

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