I am a dank meme bot that offers numerous commands to keep your server lively! Music discovery, image manipulation, economy, games, & more!


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EPICDANK Bot offers the widest array of social commands that drives interaction like no other bot on Discord! Want to give your friends a hard time? Then epic mock their message. Looking for a relevant reaction image? Then epic gif has your back! To keep your server lively, EPICDANK Bot offers: Mini-games, economy, music discovery, image manipulation, image pulls, moderation, and much more to guarantee an all-in-one bot experience! Are you dank enough for this bot?

Current Commands:


1v1: 1v1 me noob

askdoge: Ask the all telling doge anything.

dadjoke: Daddy tell me a joke

dunce: Who's the dunce?

gif: Pulls a GIF relevant to the keyword provided courtesy of GIPHY.

meme: Pull a very dank meme.

mock: mOcK thE StUpiD sTuFf yoUr fRiEnDS sAY.

poke: Poke your enemies

roll: Get the dice out!

slap: Slap your friends silly


airhorn: MLG Airhorn time baby!

hellodarkness: Hello darkness my old friend..

howard: Howard the Alien!!!!

missionfailed: Mission failed, we'll get em next time.


blackjack: 21! 21! 21!

daily: Daily DANKCOIN delivery

flip: Bet your DANKCOIN on a coin flip!

flip1v1: Gamble your DANKCOIN against your friends on a coinflip!

balance: See how much DANKCOIN you currently have!

pay: Pay someone some DANKCOIN!

rich: See who's the dankest on your server!

slots: Bet your DANKCOIN on the slot machine!

Music Discovery

chill: Perfect for studying

edm: Your favorite music you haven't heard yet

hiphop: Hippitus hoppitus

indie: Indie rock/pop vibes

postrock: It isn't a dead genre I swear

retro: That late night Delorean drive feeling


kick: Kicks a user from the channel

pull: Pulls groups of users into a channel in one command.

purge: Purge messages from a channel, quickly removing posts.


groups: Lists all command groups.

enable: Enables a command or command group.

disable: Disables a command or command group.


help: Displays a list of available command with information

prefix: Shows or sets the command prefix.

invite: Gives direct link to invite the bot to a server.

vote: Gives link that allows users to vote for DANKCOIN!

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