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Thousands of purchasable waifus. Lots of fun commands and GIF reactions. MyAnimeList integration. And a bunch more cool features!


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Pinocchio Bot

NOTE: I am in hyper-super active development mode. Get new features everyday!

NOTE #2: This is the reason I am not adding the commands here now. Please check =help regularly for new commands!

I am a bot, that mostly (special emphasis on mostly, and just kidding) has everything. It's the new trend to make lists, so:

Waifu Shopping and Trading Center, and Duelling Ground

Who does not want to get those really kawaii waifus!? Pick your waifus from the dungeon and transfer them to your locker. You're guaranteed to find all the waifu you need (guarantee void if waifu needed which is not in database, in which case, lodge your complaint in the support server, and the waifu will be added within a few minutes to hours)

(NOTE: Waifu duelling feature under construction. Will be made available to beta testers in one week, and to normal people in 2-3 weeks) Integration

So that you can show off the anime you have watched to other peeps and make them jelly. Or check the number of days you've been watching anime for, and confirm you are a NEET. Or just plain ol' anime search.

GIF Reactions

Reacting with GIFs is all the rage nowadays, ESPECIALLY for those poor non-Discord-Nitro guys. From =shrug to =satania to =jojo to just =gif <custom reaction>. And many many more reactions... (See =help for more).

Very Very Super Duper Fun Stuff

Contains many miscellaneous ranging from everything to everything. From =avatarurl to =whois to =gif thonk to Urban Dictionary search to Chuck Norris jokes. Or cook someone with =cook. Or fake-tweet something with =tweet. And this is just the tip of the cone (no, I am not going to say iceberg. Let me be cooler/lamer). See =help for more! Also, I love reaction polls. Use =poll.

Some Mod Features

Like the purge command. Or the awesome looking welcome and leave messages (not configured by default, use =help). They look soooo cool! Or you know, that annoying moment when you want a colored role that is not in the server? Or when you want to show off to new members with cool sounding role names? Then this bot is TOTALLY suited for you. For the former, you have =customrole and for the latter you have =paidroles.

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