Tired of all the slow Cleverbots out there? Here's a fast Artificial Intelligence bot that you can talk to!

Cleverbot Commands Prefix: @Cleverbot or "cb "

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This Bot Powers the Following Communities:


This bot is a Cleverbot-like chatbot that will chat with you and your friends!

Talking to the bot

You can talk to the bot by using cb ask query anytime. Example: cb ask Hello!
You can also simply use @Cleverbot hello!

Other Commands

The bot's prefixes are cb , cleverbot , or you can @mention it.

cb conversation - Have a conversation in a channel
cb api - Shows my API and its Discord server
cb upvote - Upvote the bot on Discord Bot List
cb invite - Invite the Cleverbot to your Discord server


Cleverbot will become an IdleRPG partner in the near future.