IdleTitans is an incremental bot game where you buy heroes in order to kill titans and progress further.

IdleTitans Commands Prefix: tt.

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Created By: Okin# 5280

Let's kill some Titans

It is a time of magic and mystery. It is a time of fear and strife. Colossal monsters known as Titans vage the Land of Knavesmire. If left unchecked, their numbers threaten to eradicate all known life. Ignoring their threat will spell certain doom for the world and only those willing to fight can stem the tide.

That's where you come in: You, the almighty hero, must lead your band of rag-tag allies on a quest to cleanse the world of the titanic blight. Destiny is calling, will you answer the beckoning?

Use tt.help for the documentation and tt.howtoplay for a quick introduction guide.

Main features:

  • Create an account which is global and play it everywhere where the bot is.
  • Buy heroes in order to increase your DPS and be able to kill titans.
  • Kill titans in order to progress stages.
  • Make cost efficient choises and strategy to progress stages faster than other players.
  • Prestige and gain Heirlooms which will help you buy powerful Artifacts that will boost your DPS, Gold gain and other benefits.
  • Play in different worlds with different difficulty levels.
  • Compare your progress Globally with all players or with your own server members.